Map of Mobaim [see etymology of word in the ‘About us’ page] / Bombay


Traditional ‘Lugra’ worn by the Indigenous for everyday activity. The necklace would point out to the tribe within the community.
[image source: cover image of Elsie Baptista’s desertion on the Indigenous East Indian community of the 7 islands for the Bombay University]


The ‘Nav Vari’ or 9 yards Lugra had more real gold woven into it in earliest times, but it then evolved into gold coloured threads woven into the golden stripes. The 9 yards women’s clothing is worn during festivals or celebrations.
[Image source: Luke Mendes]

BIPA – Bombay’s Indgenous People’s Association is a government registered Charitable trust and a Welfare society set up to serve the indigenous people of the 7 islands of Bombay / Mobaim [real name]. BIPA extends its charitable services to all religions, castes and communities in need.

BIPA’s core function lay in the areas of Social, Political, Healthcare, Sustainable Livelihoods and Environmental awareness for the Indigenous of the 7 islands.

The Indigenous have a wealth of knowledge to share with regard to traditional practises and sustainability.

We have partnered with the indigenous organisations of the world.
Mumbai has 2 million odd documented indigenous peoples. Indigenous of Bombay living abroad are in the thousands.
BIPA’s core function is to uplift, educate and celebrate the rich heritage of millenias [65,000 to 80,000 years old] evolved culture, language – Prakriti with a written script Devanagri [Land of saints] and ancient traditional knowledge.