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Masalas मसाला = Mixture of in the ancient language of ‘Prakriti lippi’ [Indigenous ancient nature’s language / natural language].

East Indian [Indigenous from the 7 islands of Mobaim / Bombay] masalas are roasted with ancient traditional methods and packed with love. The selection of individual spices too is an ancient art. East Indian masalas are world renowned.
The indigenous through millenia have interacted with traders who visited our islands. These interactions of trade have given the indigenous a valuable knowledge of individual spices and their regional backgrounds.

The traditional recipes  are closely held by the community and passed on from generation to generation. There is a very high demand for these spices from within the community itself, hence if any family makes them to sell, it sells out immediately. The process of making these masalas require personal attention and the touch of the human / tribal / indigenous hand. They need to be hand pounded in the ‘Okhla’  [wooden pounder] for a few hours.

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[Prices are subject to change as per prices of market rates of raw spices]

Item Unit Rate [INR Rs.]

Bottle Masala Dark Beer Bottle of 650ml, helps the spices mature. 465/-
Chilly [Kashmiri] Powder 320/-
Dhania Powder 270/-
Pepper Powder 410/-
Jeera Powder 330/-
Haldi Powder 400/-
Fish Masala [red] 350/-
Purish Masala [green] 310/-
Vindaloo Masala [east indian] 320
Garam Masala 410/-
Dalchini Powder 250/-
Kurdhi masala 340/-