We require volunteers and others to help in our initiatives.


* Volunteers required for initiatives on environmental Awareness
* Beach cleanliness drives
* Teach English or other languages to our villagers on the outskirts of Mobaim Bombay.
* BIPA is coming out with a campaign titled “Rainbow Warriors” a team of Environmental Activists. Volunteers from any background kindly send us a mail.
* BIPA is almost finished with the “Learn Your Mother Tongue” Dictionary. We require the INdigenous to contribute folklore and other poetry of interests to the community. We are also looking for artists who can paint for our initiatives.


Teach the indigenous a Craft or learn from the Indigenous.
Learn Cooking from the Indigenous. With our world famous cuisine [the east indian kitchen] savoured by Amitabh Bachchan and other celebrities living close to the Gaothans and Koliwadas, you too can avail of our ancient and sumptuous culinary traditions.

Learn from tradition – come experience our Culture.

Organise a home stay with us in one of our Gaothans with all good facilities. Experience and learn of ancient Mobaim / Bombay. With a talk in the Heras institute and then a walk through the by-lanes of Gaothans, Koliwadas and ports of Bombay / Mobaim. You will experience a rich treasure of knowledge unlike in your history books.

International travellers looking to experience Bombay do let us know if we can assist in anything.

Email us information and details to, and we will create a workshop with the indigenous.